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What We Do


How is the Children’s Consultation Network different from other agencies?


Since 2009, the Children’s Consultation Network has provided children and their caregivers with short-term behavior assessments, education, skills and therapeutic treatment services. We have found that the short-term model is largely effective for many of our clients, but we continually assess to determine if other resources, specialized or long-term services may be beneficial.


We generally meet with families for four to five sessions, but can go up to eight sessions, depending on need. We can assess your child in different environments, such as at school or childcare.  Our goal is to prevent mental health disorders in young children and therefore are not able to bill insurance, as a mental health diagnosis would be required for reimbursement by insurance.

The CCN has been providing services for young children and their caregivers since 2009.

Outcomes include:
(Of those returning surveys after completed services)
  • 100% of the parents report that their child’s behavior improved
  • 100% of parents agree that they have a better relationship with their child
  • 97% of caregivers agree that they now have the tools and resources to manage their child’s behavior
  • 97% would strongly recommend our services to their friends and families


What do parents appreciate most about working with the Children’s Consultation Network?

  • “I really appreciated the one-on-one time with our therapist – it gave me the opportunity to explain my family’s situation.  Also really found it helpful for the CCN to observe in the setting (daycare) where my child was struggling the most.”


  • “Having a person who could sit down and help me pinpoint and understand the problems with my son.  The kind, clear direction given was not only helpful, but drastically changed our day to day life for the better!”


  • “The CCN helped me find ways to help my child without having to use medications.  Our therapist spent lots of time listening and being and advocate for my son.  Her knowledge, expertise and patience were priceless.”


  • “The CCN helped me understand my son’s feelings, what he was thinking and how he was acting as a result of his frustrations.”


  • “It was most helpful to get an understanding of where my son should be in his social-emotional development and to learn what we could do to encourage his growth in these skills.”


  • “The CCN was able to explain that our child was normal but we also learned ways to make improvements in her behavior.”

 Fee Scale and Payment Policies


Your fee is based on your gross household income.  See the chart below to help calculate your fee. Payments are collected before each session. 

If the recommended fee on this scale is more than you can afford, we have grants to help support families to receive services for as low as $5.00 per session.  No proof of income is required.  Simply fill out the form based on what is reasonable for your family and current financial situation.

Please note: For therapy to be effective, it is important to consistently attend your scheduled appointments.  Unless it is an emergency, please inform the therapist at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel.  To cancel or reschedule appointments, please call (701) 526-1565.


Family Income

Per Session Cost

Under $15,000

$20 per session


$40 per session


$50 per session


$60 per session


$70 per session


$100 per session




Cash or check is accepted. Make checks payable to Children’s Consultation Network (CCN).