Children's Services Coordinating Committee
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Shawna Croaker


Joining Hands for Kids

Children's Services Coordinating Committee

3233 South University Dr.

Fargo ND 58104


Phone: 701.526.1565

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About Us

The Children's Services Coordinating Committee (CSCC) is a network consisting of parents, community members, and representatives of children's service agencies. A Parent Representative serves as Chairperson.  Regional volunteer members include but are not limited to:


  • Parents
  • Juvenile Services
  • Juvenile Court
  • Public Schools
  • Public Health
  • Human Service Organizations
  • Universities
  • Policy Makers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Social Services
  • Childcare
  • Community Organizations

CSCC Values:


  • Children have inherent worth and dignity as individuals.


  • Families are the most effective structure for caring for children.


  • The most effective way to nurture children is through family-based services that are provided in the child's natural environment such as home, school, or childcare.


  • Communities have an obligation to assist families in nurturing and supporting children.


  • Prevention and early intervention are the most compassionate and cost-effective methods of helping children and families.


  • Families with distinctive cultural backgrounds should be recognized in accord with the unique values of their culture.


CSCC Community Plan

The CSCC has a five year community plan. This plan has been developed to help identify gaps in services and avoid duplications.


Implementation of the community plan is done through the work of CSCC committees and regional organizations.  There are 5 basic goals of the community plan which can be found to the right.

CSCC Goals

Click on any of the below five photos for data supporting that CSCC goal.

ND Kids Count Data
That all children and youth are cared for and nurtured.
That all children and youth are safe physically and emotionally.
That all children and youth have an effective education.
That all children and youth have a healthy start and a healthy future.
That all children and youth have the opportunity to contribute to community through service and positive behaviors.