Children's Services Coordinating Committee
Joining Hands for Kids




The Children's Services Coordinating Committee (CSCC) has a long history of coordination and collaboration. In existence since 1991 our biggest strength is our members and our support of the vision that children are our greatest resource. Our focus has been working together as parents, policy makers, service providers, and community members to meet the needs of children and families.


The Mission of the Children's Services Coordinating Committee is to Plan and collaborate with parents, policy makers, service providers, and the community to provide advocacy and support for children, youth, and families. The CSCC accomplishes its mission by:


  • increasing regional collaboration through public/private partnerships
  • coordinating children's services to avoid duplications
  • utilizing volunteer efforts to ensure cost effective coordination




VISION: To create a caring community that believes in the worth of children as our greatest resource, and to enhance the quality of children's lives through support and development of a nurturing family.


Due to limitations in resources, the need for collaborative efforts, such as those provided by the CSCC, continues to grow.



Membership in the CSCC is available

to anyone interested in children and families.