Joining Hands for Kids
Annual Awards
Joining Hands for Kids Annual Awards

Annual Awards Nomination Process


Nominate an individual, youth, group, or organization which has contributed time, energy, or support to children and family services in the following categories:

Advocacy Award-

The vision of the Children’s Services Coordinating Committee (CSCC) is to create a caring community that believes in the worth of children as our greatest resource, and to enhance the quality of children's lives through support and development of a nurturing family. The CSCC Advocacy Award embodies this vision and was developed to honor those individuals, groups, or projects that take action, take a stand, and take the lead to help children thrive.


Special Projects Award-

The special projects award acknowledges individuals or groups whose accomplishments in initiating, developing, and implementing a program or service that contributes significantly to the support of children, youth, or families. The special projects award should exemplify the mission of the CSCC which is to plan, collaborate, and partner with communities, policy makers, and service providers to increase public awareness and support to address the needs of children, youth, and families.


Distinguished Service Award-

The Distinguished Service Award is given to someone that has given 25 plus years of dedicated service to children and families. This award was developed to honor those who have made significant contributions and made a lasting impact helping children and families.


Youth Community Service/Leadership Award-

One of the goals of the Children’s Services Coordinating Committee is that all children & youth have the opportunity to contribute to the community through service and positive behavior. The CSCC would like to recognize youth who have made an impact in their community by doing something that has created positive change, who inspired others, or have focused on becoming positive role models by creating ways for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.


If you feel your nominee meets the criteria for any of these awards please complete the attached nomination form below and return it to: 

Children’s Services Coordinating Committee 

3233 South University Drive, Fargo, ND 58104 

Or e-mail the form to  

For more information call 701.526.1565.  

Nominations are due Friday, April 15, 2016.