Children's Consultation Network
Joining Hands for Kids

The Children's
Services Coordinating Committee and the Children's Consultation Network are both supported by Dakota Medical Foundation.

The Children's Consultation Network is also funded in part by United Way.

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Why Donate to the Children Consultation Network?


We know how you care about our community.  Research shows that supporting young children and families has the biggest return of investment for a strong and healthy society.  


How We Help

The Children’s Consultation Network offers consultation services to the caregivers of young children, including parents and childcare providers in the classroom.  We focus on helping caregivers make meaningful changes in the way they interact with children.  These changes focus on increasing positive interactions, teaching important coping and social skills and setting limits

By helping parents and preschool teachers support children’s social and emotional development, we are equipping generations of children with the skills they need to be prepared to learn at school, develop healthy relationships and be successful in life.
How You Can Help

By donating you can make a lasting difference in the life a young child and their family and even change generational cycles. 


Every $100.00 raised will provide one hour of service for
children and families in need.



The following videos exemplify why efforts by the Children's Consultation Network and the Children's Services Coordinating Committee are vital to the success of children and family programming.
These videos are brought to you by an Ounce of Prevention.

Your donation will help support children's mental health programming and coordination and collaborative efforts put forth by the CSCC.